How to get truly useful customer feedback

Something that worked well for us, may work for you.

After our public launch (post private beta), I sent our first 500 users a personal email asking for their thoughts, was the software meeting expectations, things they liked, didn’t like, were confused by, etc.

These were personal emails from me, to them (only). They weren’t automated in any fashion.

The results were amazing. I received over 100 thoughtful responses, some of them pages long. People took the time to provide really useful feedback and it was tremendously more valuable to our business than anything a survey or feedback forum could have provided.

I attribute the responses to the fact that these were personal emails, and the open nature of the questions asked.

This clearly isn’t scalable - I spent hours a day for a few weeks responding, but the insights were so much more useful than anything we get from other channels. If you can fit it in, I highly recommend it.